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There are bots all around the net that try to break passwords through brute force. This is an automated attempt that tries to get the secret code word by attempting to log in with every possible character or word sequence. That is why having a long and safe password is incredibly valuable. Smaller passwords may be broken in minutes, whereas a longer password may require longer attacks or faster, more powerful methods. The strength of the password of a given length is strongly defined by the variety of characters and symbols in the word. Using a random password generator can help with unique passwords. Protect every account you create by generating complex, randomized passwords and do not reuse it for more than one log in or account.


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Your social media accounts and your personal data are only secure when you use strong passwords.

Using obvious passwords such as 123456 or passw0rd is not going to provide any serious amount of security. When creating a password, even for sites and services that do not store your personal data, use words and numbers that are not commonly used by everyone else, like a name, an inside joke, or a keyword from a song lyric, poem or favorite novel. Any number that has significance to you, like the day you got your first bike or the date of your first kiss, would work well in a password, however birthdays and anniversaries might be publicly known so avoid using these common dates.

Long Phrases protect your personal information from dictionary attacks while making it easier for you to remember your password. This tool can help you generate random words passwords.

Passwords should be difficult for hackers to crack, so having a longer and more complex password ensures a better chance that they will move on to easier targets. According to an article on, Security experts agree that a password should have a minimum of 14 characters. Richard Cassidy, technical director of cyber security company Alert Logic, says a 14-character password could take 811 trillion guesses to crack. “Length is the thing that gives you protection, not complexity,” he says, adding that even eight-digit passwords can be cracked in a matter of hours. An easier way to remember passwords is to use a phrase that only you know as a password instead of random characters.

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Very few people have passwords of 12 characters or more and that is because they are difficult to remember and take a long time to type. Especially when using a tiny on screen keyboard on a mobile device. However, passwords containing less than 12 characters can be guessed in a matter of minutes or hours, compared to longer passwords of more than 14 characters which could take even the fastest password crackers hundreds of years to guess and match.

Keep yourself safe online by using a password generator to create a strong password that is hard to guess or crack.

Some people choose one password and use it for multiple websites. According to, people should have new, unique passwords for each site they access. This can create a lot of passwords to remember, which is why there are some useful password manager tools available if you need to keep track of more than a few passwords.

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