Why is it a bad idea to reuse passwords?

What is wrong with reusing your password? Many people make one password and use it for multiple websites. According to Infosecurity-magazine.com, 60% of credentials were reused across multiple accounts. But what is the risk of reusing a password? The problem with sloppy password hygiene is that it opens users up to multiple security breaches with just one exposed password. When one website is breached, hackers download that site’s password database. Once they have the passwords from that site, they try the same passwords on many other popular websites. Consequently, anyone that used the same password everywhere has now placed all of their accounts and private data at risk.

Random passwords are the safest way to secure online accounts
Using the same password on multiple websites is a major security risk. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Many LastPass users report that their master passwords have been compromised after receiving email warnings that someone tried to use them to log into their accounts from unknown locations.

The safest way to protect yourself online is to use a unique password on every site. Many experts advise you to keep your data secure by using a unique password for every account or application. This creates a lot of passwords to keep track of. However, there are many useful password manager tools available. These programs will keep track of all your passwords and usernames in one central password vault.

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Unique passwords can actually save you time and headaches

Although you may believe it is easier to use one password for everything, when one website or service that you use is compromised in a privacy or data breach, for example, the hackers can try the password on other websites. By using unique passwords for every account you reduce your risks. Because a single security breach will no longer expose more than one account. This makes all of your accounts safer.


When you reuse your passwords, a breach at one site requires password changes at every other site. So instead of saving time, you’re wasting time on dozens of sites. What if you miss a site? Will you be able to tell if any of those accounts have already been compromised? This is such a hassle. It could take hours. All because you used a single password. It was a throwaway account on a junk site, anyway. Never reuse a password.

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