How Secure is My Password? Make Strong passwords

⚠ How Secure Is Your Password? Are You At Risk? Find Out Now!

How secure your password is depends on three simple factors. The most important factor is the length of your password. The second most important factor to make sure your password is strong is that the password must not consist of patterns. Patterns that someone could figure out based on things they may already know about you or that they can discover about you. In order to make your password secure you need to make passwords that contain as many characters as allowed by the web site or app for which you are creating the password. The third most important factor in securing your password is how often you reuse your password. Once is more than enough.


Ideally a password should only be used once. The more often you reuse a password, the more likely that password will become exposed in a data breach. Once that password has been exposed, the hackers can try that same password on other common websites. If you have used it more than once there is a good chance that one site being hacked could cause all of your social media accounts, or banking logins to be compromised.

Your password should never contain common words, words or dates with meaning to you. Password creation strategies should never allow anything that could help hackers figure out your password. Any pattern that will increase the odds that a brute force will get lucky by recreating your exact password. A brute-force attack is a hacker attempting random character and word combinations. If your password is greater than 13 or 14 characters, it can take years for even the fastest computers to combine enough random characters together enough times to repeat your password. More is always better.


Follow these rules & best practices for better online security

  • Have long, strong passwords. Use a mixture of numbers, letters, and special characters
  • Do not reuse passwords across multiple sites
  • Store passwords securely –  use a password manager. It will do the hard work for you
  • Use two-factor authentication – something you have. The second factor prevents password guessing
  • If a site you use falls to a data breach, change your password immediately. Make sure you are not re-using that password and email combination on other sites 

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  1. How secure is my password? I wrote it down at home and can’t remember it right now. It’s on a post-it.

  2. I want to know how to secure my password, not how secure it is. But I keep getting told to use lastpass or another password manager.

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